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We provide software solutions for individual and corporate clients. Feel free to check out our apps and contact us for any request.

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Our Recent Projects

The Quantum Resistant Ledger

The mobile QRL wallet apps (iOS and Android) allow user to easily send and receive QUANTA tokens.

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Elastos is a blockchain oriented project that aims to transform the web as we know it today.


Klindoo is an on-demand peer-to-peer laundry service (under development). We are involved in the mobile app development and website (webserver) installation of the Klindoo project.

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canSnippet (macOS)

canSnippet Desktop app is a standalone application to manage repetitive text/code with easy access via keybord shortcuts.

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canSnippet (web)

The web version of canSnippet is the best solution for saving and sharing repetitive text/code with your community.

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